UVU was on alert last Thursday after an extended evacuation left the Woodbury Business Building empty from 10:45 a.m. into the evening.

A white powdery substance was the culprit, found on a tabletop in the building. Tests confirmed that the powder was not anthrax, ricin or any other biological virus.

The tests were conducted and confirmed by a haz-mat team, the police and an independent lab, which all checked the suspicious powder.

Aside from the viruses, the powder was also tested for radioactivity and volatility. Both of those tests were negative as well, said Erin Spurgeon of UVUs communications manager.

“In these situations, there is no such thing as being too
cautious,” said Chris Taylor, UVU spokesman and associate vice president for communications. “We wanted to take every precaution we could, and we feel like we’ve done that. We greatly appreciate the support we’ve received from all those involved in responding to this incident to help us ensure the safety of our campus community.

Nearly 200 students were evacuated and there have yet to be any reports of physical symptoms of illness.

The first reports from the haz-mat team indicated they had located two teaspoons of the whiteish/tan powder and that it looked a lot like baby milk formula.