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Mel Sundquist,
Features Editor
melsundquist {at} gmail.com

1. Things I have knitted: nipple tassels, condoms (for decoration only), prosthetic breasts and sweaters for statues.
2.  While pregnant in Las Vegas, a gambler asked to rub my belly for luck; he then won $2,000.
3. I rarely yell at strangers, but usually when I do it’s about breastfeeding rights.
4.  I occasionally use my position at UVU Review to print subliminal messaging.
5. I subscribe to Bitch magazine. This is true in the literal and metaphorical sense.

Emma Hunt,
Managing Editor
emmalaine1 {at} hotmail.com

1. I’ve watched baby leatherback turtles hatch and swim out to sea.
2. I use the name Montana Wildhack for ordering pizza and making reservations.
3. I won my first job on the staff as copy chief in a bet.
4. I was once in a tribute band that played songs exclusively from the classic 1980s childrens’ mental hygiene film Creating Rem Lezar.


5. I tripped and fell at my high school graduation, bloodying my foot. I still have the scar, a permanent token of the awkwardness that defined my high school career.

David Self Newlin,
newlinda {at} uvu.edu

1. My tenure as editor-in-chief can be traced back to accidentally wandering into SC 106 on a Thursday two years ago.
2. 10 percent of my glasses are made of duct tape and 10 percent of super glue.
3.  I am currently training my cat Max to be a battle-kitty so we can fight for justice together.
4. I have had a drinking contest with Christopher Hitchens which ended in a draw.
5. I have a tattoo which can only be understood with a modicum of knowledge regarding modal logic.

Rob Steffen,
Senior Video Producer
uvureviewvideo {at} gmail.com

1. I nearly lost an eye when a baseball bat cracked my face.
2. I can vaguely remember the Reagan administration firsthand.
3. I have never seen an episode of Lost.
4. A documentary I made was the catalyst for a lawsuit brought against the school, one of my instructors and myself.
5. I am Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last.

Matthew Jonassaint,
Opinons Editor
uvu.review.opinions {at} gmail.com

1. The second time I was almost killed by a train, I had to run towards its front in order to escape. This was a result of listening to Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here and getting lost on the edge of town.
2. After holding a secret phone negotiation involving $500, I took my sister to her senior prom; after an hour, I was in a car being chased by the police, then called by police, then later in the back of a police car (without handcuffs) driving back home.
3. A speeding car driving on the road from UVU to Wal-Mart hit a curb, swooped over a brick barrier, nearly crashing through my living room where I was watching a horror movie.
4. I’ve had to get past a street-roaming bighorn sheep on my way home. On top of it, I’d been feeling crabby that weekend because of an allergic reaction to some pocket change.
5. All of the above happened to me within one year.

Andrea Lindgren,
News Editor
news.uvureview {at} gmail.com

1. I have climbed to the top of the Pyramid of the Sun, in Mexico City, during the spring equinox and gathered energy from the sun.
2. I am deathly afraid of earwigs because when I was a kid, my older brother told me that they climb in people’s ears and eat their brains. I still believe that a little.
3. When I was 17, I received a scholarship to attend a horticulture summer program in Chula Vista, CA, where I learned how to grow the most beautiful blood irises.
4. During the spring break before moving back to Utah from Arizona, I could not leave my house for a week because we were snowed in with over three feet of that fluffy white precipitation.
5. Hoping to go into labor, I hiked the Y when I was nine months pregnant with my first of three children in the middle of December, but didn’t deliver until a week later, on my anniversary.

Andy Sherwin,
Culture Editor
andy_sherwin {at} hotmail.com

1.  I was a house mom at a sorority in Salt Lake for over a year.
2.  I’m allergic to lettuce.
3.  I dated a girl just because she looked like Kevin Spacey.
4. I’m the only handgun owner in my yoga class.
5.  I saw John Mayer in NYC once.  We made eye contact, he smiled and I gave him the finger.

Kira Terry,
Sports Editor
kira.a.terry {at} gmail.com

1. I have run one marathon, one half-marathon, one Ragnar Relay and will run my second half-marathon in 3 weeks.
2. I have bungee jumped off the highest bungee tower in the USA.
3. I didn’t learn how to swim until I was 22.
4. Before joining the newspaper sports section a few years ago, I had never attended a UVU Athletics game.
5. Besides a select few magazines, I hate to read.

Lindsey Linge,
Copy Chief
lindseylinge {at} gmail.com

1. An old woman once thought I was Jesus and I didn’t take advantage of it.
2. I have a medical condition that makes it so I can’t balance on my left foot. No yoga for me!
3. Although I love horror films, not a single one has scared me. (Recommendations are welcome.)
4. I have a terrible phobia of all animals with the exception of ladybugs.
5. After deciding I didn’t want to be an Egyptologist after all, I had six different majors and a stint as a physical therapy assistant in Idaho before deciding to become an art therapist.