Holland’s goal this year: focus on more classroom space


Some students here at UVU have had to postpone graduation because a class was full. And waitlists are getting more and more unbearable for students because of the soaring enrolment.


Unfortunately, this will not get better without another building. Luckily this is President Holland’s number one priority this year, is  expanding classroom and office space.


By 2020, UVU is projected to have 46,340 students making classrooms not only an immediate need, but a long-term need. The plan is to get funding from the state.


Each year, universities send a wish list to the board of regents who create a priority list of where money will go. The voting starts Jan. 23 through March 8 and the UVU Student Association is making efforts on capital hill this year for the first time.


Many universities attend sessions, some setting up tables outside as legislators vote, but UVU has never taken part in this. In order to promote university funding, schools need to make it known that they are a priority.


During the week of Jan. 30, UVUSA will be working on getting students to join their petition. Students will see tables set up around campus student signatures will be collected, and representatives located so letters can be written to them. Jared Roberts, Chief Justice of UVUSA is heading up this project.


Last year Christopher Lang, previous senator for science and health, did a fundraiser for the science building, making $10,000-15,000. This was only a drop in the bucket for a building, but it showed the legislators their effort.


“The more you can show you’re raising money the more legislators know you are trying,” Roberts said.


A different angle will be taken this year. Roberts is putting his efforts into making UVU a stronger voice among the legislators rather than showing fundraising effort.


“Showing a need is the angle we are taking,” Roberts said.


If funding is given, UVU will then bid for contractors, and continue the planning stages before breaking ground. The new building will go to the north of the library, and a parking structure will be added in the area.


This building will add 60 classrooms, 150 offices and 20 study rooms to campus, along with an auditorium.

“I hope students realize their efforts go a long way,” Roberts said.


If you are interested in getting more information, visit facebook.com/morevuclassrooms.com, or email Jared Roberts at [email protected].


Tiffany Thatcher  –  Asst. News Editor