The credit for those tutored math courses you took may actually not benefit you at all.

Recent confusion about the Ology program has caused a stir around campus and left many students looking for answers.

“Ology doesn’t award credit since they are not an accredited institution of higher learning,” said UVU math department chairman Carolyn Hamilton. “There is no such thing as ‘Ology credit’ and that is part of the reason students are confused.  They think Ology can award credit to them, when they can’t.  Ology is a tutoring service.”

While several rumors have continued to float around about potential transfer credit, it has been made clear that UVU does not in any way affiliate with Ology, making the program obsolete for UVU students.

Hamilton says that it’s unlikely that the transfer policy will change any time soon but rather expresses confidence in the great programs the school already has in place. Recently UVU was invited to present at the National Conference for the First-Year Experience (a prestigious honor) to showcase their campus-wide approach to success in mathematics.

“Utah Valley University has an excellent math program,” said Hamilton. “ I don’t know of any other university of our size which is open enrollment and has the breadth of support for developmental mathematics that UVU has.”

UVU offers intense, aided and progressive learning that can help students to succeed in their math courses. Unlike many other schools they also have several different ways to accomplish the learning process. Technology-enhanced lecture, internet, hybrid, and live-interactive are some of the innovative methods used by the university.

Hamilton’s final words of advice were to start early and take advantage of the help available. “If students start their math courses during their first semester on campus and continue in successive semesters until they have completed the requirements of their major, they will find themselves to be proficient at mathematics.”