Sick of lugging your ID, bus pass, lunch money, and debit card around campus?   Why not carry something that combines it all — the new UV OneCard Plus? 

The UV OneCard is a multi-technology card that will take the place of old student or faculty/staff IDs and Proximity cards, and will be issued at Campus Connection starting July 1.

"Along with all of the basic functions of the old card, many new ones have been added," said Dawn Burgess, Manager of Campus Connection.   
The UV OneCard will allow access to library services, bookstore purchases, discount purchases at Dining Services, select door access and will also serve as a bus pass.

In a joint effort with Utah Community Credit Union (UCCU), this new card will include the option to upgrade to a Visa Debit card with ATM capability, which will be called the UV OneCard Plus.

UVU is the first school the country to combine this amount of technology in a campus ID card. 

"We heard about other schools having a Visa Debit option on their cards, so we teamed up with UCCU for a Visa pilot program," said Burgess. "Plus, we are looking to get our name out in the community and having our logo on a Visa Debit card seems like a great idea." 

"In order for students to take advantage of the new UV OneCard Plus, they will need a checking account," said Brad Norton, Vice President of UCCU.  "There are over 4,000 UVU students who already have an account through UCCU.  Students who select the UV OneCard Plus will receive a free "Starving Student" Community Discount Card." 

Burgess also said that Visa Debit is not the only new technology feature for the UV OneCard, but plans are also in place for activating a chip inside the card to use as an electronic bus pass for the Utah Transit Authority (UTA).  

"I like the idea of an electronic bus pass," said a UTA driver.  "Having riders wave their student IDs in front of card reader should cut down the time it takes for us to check everyone’s IDs at each stop."

For $20, students using a UV OneCard can also gain membership to the student section at sporting events, otherwise known as the Mighty Athletic Wolverine League (MAWL).   

Students are required to be enrolled for Summer or Fall 2008 Semesters to receive a UV OneCard, and have at least 1/3 of their tuition paid in order to receive a UTA Bus Pass.

For more information, contact Campus Connection at 863-8797 or visit