Tuition is likely to increase, according to UVU Director of Budget and Planning Linda Makin in a statutory tuition hearing last Tuesday.

UVU is the first higher education institution in Utah to hold the state-required hearing this year.

Makin, along with Interim President Elizabeth Hitch, discussed what to expect in terms of tuition costs next year. Students who are Utah residents can expect a six to 10 percent increase and non-residents can expect a 1.75 to 2.9 percent increase for 2009-2010 school year.

A six to 10 percent increase would be $96 to $159 dollars more that each student would have to pay. This percentage range is dependant on Legislature enacting a tax fund reduction no greater than 19 percent.

Last year, tuition went up 6.3 percent and the year before went up 6.8 percent.

Variables affecting tuition costs each year include the state compensation funding, campus needs, market pressures, tax fund support, enrollment and commitment to the students.

This year’s increase will be mainly from the lack of tax fund support in this time of economic slump. The lack of money comes at a time when the university is having a record growth of enrollment.

“We’re up 2,800 this year,” Makin said. “This means we have more to serve with less money to do that.”

The executive committee is looking at other ways to help keep tuition low by reducing programs or services such as reducing the number of class offerings.

Makin said class sections that would be cut would mostly come from freshmen level classes. Upperclassmen should still be able to get the classes they need as long as they meet with advisors and plan accordingly.

The final decision of tuition rate will be March 26-27 when the Board of Regents meets at Dixie State College.