Students graduating from the College of Technology will graduate with degrees that will allow them to enter the workforce with a higher starting salary than those with many other degrees.

“Easily when those students graduate they go into higher salary paying jobs out of college,” said Michael Snapp, director of career services.

The average earnings for those graduate from the College of Technology will have an average starting salary of $45,000, which will increase over time.

Sudents will often find good careers and be involved in fields such as aviation and computers. The more specialized the skill set of a particular field, the higher the salary will be for it.


The Woodbury School of Business graduates keep pace with annual starting salaries of $45,000. Business students do have more diverse options and can enter fields such as marketing and accounting. According to national averages, accounting is a job field that has potential for a high starting salary, even in Utah, according to Snapp.

UVU students graduating from the College of Humanities and Social Science, as well as the College of Science and Health, come right after with starting salaries of $35,000.

“Many humanities students go to law school after graduating, so their immediate salary is not very high, but it will rise later,” said Professor William W. Cobb, Jr., a faculty member for the history department.

The School of Science and Health also produces top degrees with programs such as nursing.

“Some of these students will go to graduate school after and become physicians and can make upwards of $55 an hour and will increase too,” said Snapp.