We face many mysteries in life. Especially at this time of the year, the paranormal is brought to our attention. There are groups all over the world whose goals are investigation and research of paranormal activity.

Clarissa Vazquez, cofounder of CCPI Paranormal Investigations, who investigate Western Colorado and Eastern Utah, spoke with UVU REVIEW. She said that their goals are “specifically for assisting people with what they believe to be haunting.” CCPI uses a gamut of technology to assist with their investigations and research. Infrared and night vision cameras, EMF meters of all shapes and sizes and digital recording devices are used depending on the situation. They have had some very unique experiences with their research; however, one of their main policies is a strict confidentiality agreement for residential houses.

Vazquez was able to relate a story from one of the homes they investigated. As they were having a polite conversation with the homeowners, things began to fly off of the refrigerator. “It is really exciting what we get to experience versus what we record.”
“We have encountered a couple (ghosts) on the malicious side,” said Vazquez, who, along with technical manager Ron, is an ordained minister. “We do not perform exorcisms, but we will bless properties,” Vazquez said. As of today, they claim a 100 percent success rate with their blessings.

Vazquez has a few recommendations for those who feel they might have a haunted house:

1. Contact a member of your clergy to have your house blessed. Your individual faith will be stronger than anything I can do.

2. If you are still feeling uncomfortable, get in touch with a paranormal investigator
or team.

3. Don’t try to handle it yourself. You don’t know what you’re doing. Let a professional handle it.

If you feel like you might have a haunting but you’re not sure, contact a local paranormal investigator to know for sure. “We have had incidents where people are really afraid of something going on in their home, but we were able to go in there and find environmental proof for the occurrences,” recounts Vazquez.

Vazquez says that there are three general categories for ghosts:


* Sometimes can interact with the living.
* May or may not know they are dead.
* May or may not interact with the living.
* Generalizations:
Have a mission or unfinished business.
* We can only theorize why they are here and what happens after death.


* Residual energy, like a fingerprint in time.
* “They are like a VCR/ DVD set on repeat — the bride that comes down the stairs at the same time everyday,” Vazquez.
* Not conscious.
* Generally don’t know they’re dead and don’t interact with the living.


* German word for noisy ghost.
* Moves things.
* Makes noise.
* Telekinetic energy from a person in the room having a crisis is the number one theory. (Like a teenage girl going through puberty.)
* A good example that is 100% fiction is Stephen King’s FIRESTARTER.

Do not be afraid of the things that go bump in the night. There is an explanation for everything, even if a professional needs to be brought in to solve the mystery.

For more information: http://www.candcparanormal.com/