?Libertarian candidate for the House Jake Shannon

Jake Shannon, known as The World’s Most Dangerous Hypnotist, spent a busy weekend teaching a hypnosis “boot camp” in addition to participating in a political debate. In an interview on Oct. 19, he shared his platform as the Libertarian candidate for Utah’s Third District seat in the House of Representatives and the important role hypnotism has played in his life.

As a Libertarian, Shannon believes in the smallest government possible, which, he says, is in the exact opposite direction from where the nation is headed. Repealing the sixteenth amendment, which allows income tax, would suddenly put money back into the hands of the American people, he explains.

This would lessen government revenue by 40 percent, but even such a large cut would only reduce it to the size it was during the Clinton administration. Abolishing Social Security and Welfare and letting such services be relegated to churches and charities would lessen government control. Similarly, Shannon wants to end the government’s monopoly on the school system, allowing schools to compete for business.

He believes the immigration problem should be dealt with by letting anyone into the country who wants to work and live here, but generally withholding citizenship and voting rights. Considering how many companies outsource to other countries for cheaper labor, such as telecommunications companies having phone representatives in India, this would just make such practices more visible. Seeing both sides of the coin, Shannon says those immigrants would also be buying things here and feeding into the economy.

If such measures seem too drastic, Shannon asks that we at least focus on not increasing taxes and not giving up more civil liberties with every vote we cast. He would like the other candidates to work towards decreasing military spending and welfare. Much of his platform is based on the ideals of The CATO Institute for Individual Liberty, Free Markets and Peace. He believes that it is an empire – not a constitutional republic – which seeks to not only defend itself, but also intervene in other countries and force others to follow its beliefs.

Shannon stands for the least government intervention, least taxes and least government spending possible. He would like to end wars on foreign soil, allow in all immigrants, cut taxes, abolish the income tax, privatize education, end welfare, protect the right to bear arms and legalize marijuana.

Shannon’s interest in hypnosis started as a recommendation from his doctor when he was dealing with the pain of cancer and chemotherapy as a teenager. He found that it does great things for beating addictions and reducing stress. It also helped him focus to get his bachelor’s degree in English and master’s degree in finance engineering. He believes hypnosis helps to accomplish any goal.

Finding the world of corporate finance lucrative but not fulfilling, he enjoys helping empower people by teaching them how to use hypnosis to block out negativity, addictions and the manipulations of others. He also enjoys giving entertaining stage shows where, being very good at what he does, he is known as The World’s Most Dangerous Hypnotist.

For more information, go to www.JakeShannon.com