Disney made being a fairy look so easy.

But Megan Brown, owner and CEO of The Sweet Tooth Fairy, proves that you need a little more than pixie dust to concoct delicious and impeccably styled treats, run a corporation and a household of four kids under the age of five.

The Sweet Tooth Fairy started in Provo and is Brown’s dream come to fruition. The soon-to-open store in Orem makes the seventh of its kind extending across Utah. Though three of the stores are franchises, Brown and her husband still have a bit of control over the chain. The store opening in University Mall will be the same and the store location is significant.

“It’s franchised, but we’re still learning and growing and want to be collaborative,” said Brown. “We have a lot of great customers who come from all over… and University mall is such a landmark and so iconic in Utah Valley.”

Brown learned to bake well and work hard young. Her father was an entrepreneur and to both supplement income and support him, she and her siblings went to work picking berries in Washington and at one point, preparing cookie dough for various hotels. Later, she would cater for friends’ weddings and birthdays for fun and using ward activities to try out new recipes or adjustments.

“It was a platform for me to be like, ‘Hey does it taste good?’ It was my own little focus group.”

Friends started recommending she sell the goods. After college and working for Congressman Chris Cannon for nine years, things started falling into place for her to change directions with her career, resulting in a basement test-kitchen and later a storefront.

“It went from an idea to just knowing I needed to do it. I always wanted a store, just to try it. I didn’t know anything about it, though.”

The menu includes bakery staples like cupcakes, brownies, and macaroons, but the cake bites are a colorful distinction to one’s options. The small treats surround the palette with a surprising amount of flavor –cake, frosting, and chocolate in one bite. The quality of ingredients only adds to the pleasantness of the dessert. To their credit, they use a lot of butter. And maybe some magic.



Sweet Tooth Fairy info:

East Bay Shopping Center

1227 South University Ave.

Provo, Utah 84601

(801) 375-3484

[email protected]