“The what?”

“Never heard of it.”

“I didn’t know that even existed.”

The night parking pass is largely unknown to the UVU student body, but it could be a substantial benefit to those attending classes in the evening.

The night parking pass costs $25 per year, not semester, and allows students to park in any student or employee lot on campus after 4:15 p.m. It also allows them to park in the economy lot or free lot during the day.

Despite being the least expensive parking pass available to students aside from the free pass, it is one of the lowest in number of sales.

“I think that there are not as many night students that are going to school, so it is not as popular” said Tena Medina, supervisor of UVU parking. “We definitely don’t sell as many night passes as regular passes.”

However, there were 12,695 students enrolled in evening courses during the fall 2009 semester according to UVU Institutional Research. Even though night student enrollments are up, there have only been 889 night parking passes sold since August 2009.

Evening students using the free lot or bus system may want to consider taking advantage of the pass, especially because of space availability.

“In the evenings it’s pretty easy to find a parking spot,” said Jared Henricksen, a night student who has a night parking pass. “I can usually park wherever I want.”