The UVU Review is a truly independent student newspaper.  This means that, unlike the paper at that other nearby university, we operate free of any editorial control from the administration. As students, we take full responsibility for our paper. The administrators support and guide us, but students working at the paper are in complete control of what will and will not be printed.

This is a rare opportunity in the world of journalism. Unlike at professional newspapers, articles here are prioritized above advertisements one hundred percent of the time. In fact, the advertising and editorial departments remain completely separate – just because a company buys ad space does not mean we cannot print information that will reflect on them negatively.

The UVU Review is a learning newspaper, meaning that each editor is willing to help new writers develop their skills. A poorly written article or two won’t get you fired or ostracized.

The staff of the UVU Review changes each academic year. This gives staff members the opportunity to gain a varied experience – many experienced staff members this year have had two or three other jobs on the paper before.

The UVU Review is a beautiful place to not only find your college experience, but to affect and improve that experience for the entire university