Josh Curtis

Bells, drums, saxophones, trumpets, trombones and ukuleles.

The small cast of the brand new show “The Hit,” at the Hale Center Theater Orem all played instruments throughout the production. According to director Christopher Clark, during the audition process actors were asked what instruments, if any, they played and then the musical segues were composed around those instruments. These musical interludes were used to distract the audience during scene changes and added theatrical flair to the production.

“The Hit” is a brand new play from Mike Buckley, and has only been performed twice, once in San Diego and now in Orem.  The show follows antique shop owner, Susan whose death is imminent. Rather than endure her ailment, she hires a novice hit man, taking out a contract on herself.
Staged in an antique shop, the location only allowed for a flow of characters, but became a character in its own right. A new actor was introduced by picking up an item and exclaiming, “My grandmother had one just like this. . .”

From start to finish the play’s sole purpose was to entertain. There was no need for deep, insightful commentary or understanding, it just provided entertainment in its purest form.
Playwright, Mike Buckley, thought of this play like lemon meringue pie.

“It’s sweet and full of flavor, but doesn’t give much substance. You can’t make a diet of lemon meringue pie, but it’s a tasty treat.”


The Hit
Through July 30
Hale Center Theater
225 W 400 N
Orem, Utah