With a few easy steps, you can use a sock to create a sophisticated classy look. Christina Ruth/UVU Review.

Okay, I am going to let you in on a secret: I am a man. But I am doing my research so I can fill you in on the what, why and how to put your sock in your hair.


The hairstyle is called the “sock bun” and it doesn’t take much. There are two basic needs for this style, a sock and hair. Are you with me so far?


The idea behind it is to get your hair away from your face, or draw attention to your face by keeping your hair up. It’s basically just a normal hair bun with the ability to make it larger in size and perfectly circular.


You start out with any sock, and according to most tutorials I saw, any sock works, but it seems the optimal choice is to use a long tube sock and a silk dress sock.


You cut both socks so they have a hole in them lower down the sock. You can cut it at the toe or at the foot to make the tube any length. Then, roll the thicker tube sock up so it is like a donut in shape using the elastics to keep it tight. Then take the silk dress sock and wrap it around the thicker sock. You do this by just sticking it through the middle, and then rolling.


This does a few things. The thicker sock provides a bigger area for the hair, making the bun bigger, while the outer sock can give color, so if part of the sock happens to poke through it will blend in (because apparently this is about fooling people into thinking you have big hair, not an actual fashion accessory). You can also do it with one sock for a smaller bun, and it would be easier.


At this point you should have a fairly smooth, circular, soft object and your hair.


Now comes the tricky part (again, I’m a guy and I have no idea how difficult this is). Start by brushing your hair out straight. Once you have finished that, decide where you want the bun to end up on your head. You can basically have it anywhere, depending on what the occasion is. The updo seems to be a little more casual, so go ahead and use all of your hair to keep out your face. Lower down back can be a more formal or glamorous look with bangs or some style up front. There is also the bun over each ear. This is the famous Princess Leia style, which is great if you are looking to attract legions of Star Wars nerds.


However you choose to wear the bun, the next step is the same. Put your hair into a ponytail and then thread your hair through the middle of the sock bun donut. Make sure to spread the hair out all around the bun so it makes a big even circle. You will then wrap the top of your hair around the bun and twist the rest of the way through.


At this point, you’re finished. You should have a large donut on your head.


Now why would any woman do this? Speaking from a man’s point of view, there are a few reasons. One, you can go with the hot librarian look. The hair is up and the focus is on the face. It’s pretty cute. It probably only works with medium length hair, but it also shows off nice healthy hair. It’s a little more work than a straight ponytail, but it looks like you put in more work.


Ponytails work, just as many other things a woman does to look natural and not as if they spent hours to look good. Guys like girls to look good, but equally important for me is for her to be comfortable, as well. I like to see what a girl looks like when she isn’t dolled up and this style is a way to show off your casual side.


While researching this, I found a nice side perk that can come out of it: wavy hair the next day. If you wear this one day, then sleep in it, the next day you can pull it out and have glamorous curly locks. Spending a minute the day before to have a casual day then the next night you already have a hair style to wear down for a very formal look.


So hopefully that helps you understand the sock bun craze. In just a minute you can get your hair up, or add a little bit of glamour. Then the next day you could have a very formal look. A time saver and a great look. From a man’s point of view, that is a win-win situation.


By Jarom Moore
Managing Editor