If you ever decide to ditch the Utah Poof, visit Shep.
Since opening its doors in August of 2001, Shep Studio has proven that even people in Provo want a metropolitan-style salon. Shep’s hip, modern environment is one you’d be more likely to see in New York City than Utah Valley.
Hosting a staff of both male and female stylists, Shep specializes in hair cuts and colors, and requires continuing education to keep on the forefront of new haircare technologies.
Shep is one of only two salons in Utah Valley certified as a Bumble & Bumble retailer. Bumble reps come to Shep once a month to keep personal relationships with their stylists and biannually an educator from San Diego comes in to keep the studio up to date.
Bumble is a Hollywood favorite, used on movie sets ranging from those Twilight flicks to Water for Elephants.
Siara, a full-time stylist who studied under Shep himself, went into the studio as a student at BYU.
“After I graduated, I was deciding what to do with my life and looking into hair school.” Siara was familiar with Shep as a stylist  and approached him to teach her.
“Shep knew not just how cut hair but to teach as well.” says Siara.
Shep himself was born and raised in the Valley, worked at an upscale salon in Atlanta before returning to Provo to open his modern studio here.
“Provo needed something like that,” says Siara. “It’s been successful because it’s different from other salons.”


890 n. 500 West, Provo
(801) 373-4085
Tuesday – Thursday: 9am – 7pm
Friday: 9am – 6pm
Saturday: 9am – 4pm
Sunday – Monday: Closed