The week of Jan. 9 was special, not just because it was the week we all arrived, or returned to UVU, but because the Consumer Electronic Show was kicked off in Las Vegas.


CES is an international technology trade show and is the largest in the world. Basically, all the big names in the consumer tech world, including Microsoft, HP, Intel, Motorola and many more introduce the cool new things that consumers get excited about. Many new products were released.



One featured technology was a new type of hand held device. Lately, there has been a lot of talk of such companies like Dell, HP, Toshiba and Vizio, TV companies, releasing their new “ultrabooks” or, super thin and light netbooks, think: MacBook Air. The ultrabook fad is aimed at allowing active college students and the fast-paced businessmen and women the convenience of a light-computing device like a tablet, with the power and versatility of a laptop.


It was also announced that Microsoft has a Kinect for Windows giving all the long awaited power to users, to act like Tom Cruise from “Minority Report” in public. Microsoft has also shown off their Windows Phones, which sport the Metro user interface, UI and Windows 8, which also runs off the Metro UI.


This is exciting because it means there will finally be Windows tablets, whether this is good or bad, is up to the user to decide. The touch-screen Windows computer some may have will finally have an interface that works. What that means for those who still use the mouse? It is not certain.


LG, Sony, Samsung and others have also announced new Smart TV’s, some running Google TV. TV’s are going to be able to access the Internet and have games like Angry Birds. Netflix, Hulu and HBO Go, are also a given. Having a little computer in your pocket probably sounded silly a few years ago.


With the new technology being created, it will no doubt be an exciting year in the tech world.


Gibson Smiley  – News Writer