Language students have always dreamed of having the opportunity to visit foreign lands to use their newly acquired skills with native speakers. UVSC has recently announced the establishment of a new study abroad program to Japan. This program has been established in order to better acquaint students with the culture of Japan by experiencing it first hand.

Study abroad students will enjoy living with Japanese host families and traveling throughout the country for two weeks. Students will be able to see one of the most developed and technologically advanced countries in the world while continuing to strengthen and advance their language skills. From electronics stores in Tokyo and rides on the super efficient "Shinkansen," or bullet train, to traditional Japanese cuisine, this trip will have a mix of education and entertainment.

The program will include language training at UVSC prior to travel, two weeks spent in Japan, and post travel classes at UVSC to finish it off. The program is expected to run from May 19 until June 30, with travel time running from June 3 through June 18. Classes will be taught by Chinami Yamamoto, UVSC Japanese instructor and co-director of the program.

Participation will cost $1,695 for applications received prior to Feb. 25 and will increase to $1,995 for those applying thereafter. Participation fees will cover the costs of lodging, in-country transportation, entry fees, international travel cards and some meals. In addition, students will be expected to pay for UVSC tuition at approximately $135 per credit hour, a passport, health insurance – which is required – round-trip airfare to Japan, and souvenirs.

Junko Watabe, coordinator and advisor for international programs, said, "This is a great opportunity for anyone to immerse themselves in rich history, culture, sites, technology, language, buildings and to see Japan from the business to countryside and get a little bit of everything."

Additional information and applications are available in the International Center in WB100 or at

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