Healthy body, healthy mind, healthy lifestyle. This is the mission statement of Student Health Services.

Student Health Services, located on the second floor of the Sorensen Student Center, is an on-campus health clinic that provides a variety of services requiring no health insurance, including medical exams, therapy sessions and wellness programs.

“It’s an awesome clinic,” said Bill Erb, Student Health Services director. “We offer a variety of basic medical appointments. We can remove your stitches, write prescriptions, look at allergies and even discuss options of safe sex.”

“We know that most UVU students, although they start on their parents’ health insurance, will not finish school with it,” said Erb. “They are just kicked out into the community to get medical treatment, and that can run around one hundred dollars for an appointment.”

“You don’t need insurance to walk in our door,” he added.

Ruth Ann Haws, office manager at Student Health Services, said that fees are gear toward students’ budgets.

According to a Student Health Services brochure, a basic medical exam is ten dollars and mental health therapy prices begin at ten dollars for a session.

“Some of our services are funded by federal and state money, and the medical services are subsidized by student fees,” said Haws.

In addition to medical appointments, the clinic offers options for mental health wellness.

“We have several therapists who specialize in services which include eating disorders, couples counseling, addictions and depression,” Haws said.

Marital counseling is available for students, and only one partner needs to be a student.

Another service offered by Student Health Services is the Wellness Program.

“Wellness is an amazing program,” said Erb. “Its mission is to really enhance the health and the lifestyles of our students.”

Erb added that the Wellness Program offers services including health risk appraisals, nutrition counseling, community lectures and substance abuse referrals.

They also offer a walking group that meets on campus every day at noon, Monday through Thursday, to walk the Wolverine Mile.

Although student health insurance is not available through UVU, the clinic gives students referrals regarding where they can obtain coverage.

Walk-in appointments are available, and appointments can be made by calling 863-8876.

Who: Student Health Services
Where: SC 221
Phone: 863-8876