Student Government (UVUSA) will be selecting comments and concerns to answer in the UVU Review. If you would like to leave us feedback, please locate a suggestion box, speak with us at a Student Forum in the first week of February, or visit us in our office in SC 105.

Question: Why is the Y Lot not free?

Response: I understand the frustration and confusion between the V and Y Parking Lots. We will be meeting with administration to see why the change was made to require a fee for lot Y. Parking is limited and we understand that it’s frustrating to see empty parking stalls so close that you’re unable to use. Thanks for the feedback, we’ll respond again. -Jessica Jaynes, Senator

Concern: Some labs on campus finish very late in the evening. It would be nice to have call phones outside the buildings and in parking lots just in case we need to use it.

Response: Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The campus has tried many variations of emergency call phones in the past, none of which were cost efficient. I will be attending the next Risk Management meeting to bring this concern to the attention of the committee and see if we can find a working solution. This suggestion would definitely add some security to campus and all students. Thanks! -Jessica Jaynes, Senator

Concern: Student Council gets too much money out of our tuition. You guys don’t need laptops; the students need more computers in the library and labs.

We appreciate your concern for the student fees. Unfortunately for us, we don’t receive, nor have ever received, laptops for our service to the school. We are very conscientious of the need for computers in the labs and have in the past voiced our opinion to the administration concerning the need of the computers in the library. Our Student Body President (Joseph Watkins) has worked with the library to open up additional computers in the labs on the first floor and will continue to work to open up more areas for students. – Jerry Stenquist, Senator

Concern: “The sidewalk that goes south past the GT building, the one with the trees, is not lighted. The light poles were removed for some reason and now it is dark and dangerous, Please put the light poles back up.” -Steve

We could not agree more with this concern. The administration is working on a temporary lighting system in lieu of the replacement lighting that is forthcoming. We have been told to anticipate the new system by the end of the semester. – David Smith, VP of Academics

Suggestion: Each floor of the library needs a directory.

The library has already made up a directory to put on each floor. The first two floors will have directories of the whole library and the other floors will have directories for those floors only. The directories will be placed next to the elevators.- Chantry Inkley, Senator