With the school year’s end just around the corner it’s almost time for student government elections. In March of each year the student body of UVU has the opportunity to vote for a president and four vice presidents who will later have the responsibility of choosing 25 to 30 members to fill student council positions.

Many of the organized teams begin their preparations at the commencement of the new school year and continue working on campaign strategies till election time.

Although generally teams assemble early, there is still time for students to put in applications for the upcoming election. Candidates can apply in teams or as individuals. The deadline is Feb. 12 at noon and there will be a mandatory meeting held that day for all campaigning teams.

If you’re not interested in running for a President or Vice President position there are other opportunities that offer valuable experience.

“Being involved helps a lot of students get a sneak peak at how things work in student government,” said Student Body President Trevor Tooke. “There are fun retreats and activities, but more importantly it puts you in a place where your opinion can be heard.”

After the selection of the President and Vice Presidents, there is a time set aside for the selection of new council members. Applications for council are due by the end of March and the interviewing process begins shortly after. New members are announced in early April.

While it is surely beneficial to be involved in student government, even those who choose not to run for a position can still show support.

“There are a lot of issues floating around and you want to have input,” said Tooke. “The sad news is we had only 10 percent of the student body come out to vote last year.”

Whether you want a chance as the President, a council member or even a committee member, there is opportunity for involvement.

For more information on applications and student government opportunities, visit the student government office in the Student Center just across from the Grande Ballroom

For voting information go to UV Link.