Parking at UVU is an issue that is being addressed through plans for a five level parking structure. Christina Ruth/UVU Review

Some students have had a car slowly following them as they walk to their vehicle after class, bent on getting that newly vacated parking spot. For most students, the need for more parking is on their minds.

In a recent university blog post, Val Peterson, vice president of UVU Administration and Utah State Representative said, “Parking is a perennial issue on college campuses across America. Obviously, given UVU’s growth, it’s become a bigger issue on this campus.”

According to Peterson there are about 8,000 parking stalls shared between 32,600 students and 1,500 full-time employees.

Although students come to UVU during different days and times the need for more parking still stands.

“I think it is ridiculous that I have to drive around forever trying to find a spot,” said Chelsey Luikenga, a senior at UVU. “I have to leave earlier for school just to find a spot so I can make it to my class on time.”

The administration’s future plans include a 400-stall parking lot located next to the track, a 536 stall parking structure will be added during the construction of the Life and Wellness Building and a few other lots resulting in a total of five parking structures.

The cost to construct all five parking structures will be $53 million to $66 million total, and funds will come from additional parking fees.

According to Peterson there are plans to change the roads going in and out of UVU, which should open up room for additional parking.

“We’re also exploring the possibility of both enhancing safety and creating additional parking by vacating Campus Drive from 900 West to 1200 West,” Peterson said in the blog post.

While additional parking is in the works, in the meantime students are encouraged to come to school earlier, use the parking lots that are farther away and therefore generally have more stalls open and to use the bus system. Peterson encouraged students to be courteous to each other as well, to maintain safety while in the parking lots.