“No doubt, Earth would. We have an intelligent life form on our planet, and if it came down to doing away with another planet, we could nuke them gone!”
-Grace Harrington, writer

“I’m pretty sure that Mars would win. Mostly because Mars is the red planet. I mean, it’s already angry, but why is it angry? One answer springs to mind, because Mars is clearly juicing. I mean, look how many veins you can see, that’s just not natural. Also, the Earth is carrying around all that extra weight, and it has been kind of sickly lately. Mars would definitely beat up Earth.”
-Cameron Simex, writer

“Mars. It may seem innocent from a distance, but it’s really mysterious and could probably put out more dangerous moves than Earth. Also, it could probably take a punch better.”
-Nadia Ashtawy, assistant features editor

“I’m pretty sure the Earth has at least 50 pounds on Mars, so my money’s on the Earth.”
-Bryan Gomm, illustrator


“Mars would definitely win. Earth is exhausted from fighting the humans.”
-Loraine Gholdston, features writer