-David Self Newlin, editor-in-chief

I really wish I could get local citrus fruits. Everyone always tells me how good they are fresh from the orchard. Apparently it’s a completely different experience from the ones at the grocery store.
-Nadia Ashtawy, assistant features editor

Weed. Baby turtles.
-Rob Steffen, senior video producer

French cheese. You can’t get a good French camembert anywhere!
-Dan Anderson, features writer

Yarn! There are so few local commercial spinners in this county, and it is a travesty of gulf-oil-spill proportions.
-Mel Sundquist, features editor

Solid shampoo bars! I’ve been looking all over for them, and no soap maker in the area seems to have picked up the trade. I looked into making them myself and quickly decided I did not have the patience for that level of craftsmanship. I’ll have to order them in.
-Loraine Gholdston, features writer