As part of the transition to university status, the school Web site is undergoing a change from to
"It’s a monumental task," said Ray Walker, UVSC’s chief information officer.

The transition includes rebuilding many of the Web site’s pages and changing all references from Utah Valley State College, including logos and words. E-mail addresses will also eventually be changed in the transfer to the new site, which will be a gradual move from one Web site to the other.

According to Walker, new pieces will be added to the Web site each month, beginning with the most important. He said the new registration page should be complete by Jan. 1, and that by next July, when UVSC becomes a university, most of the new pages should be in place.

Walker said the project is, "A huge effort that combines the web development services, web resource services and the individual departments." He said the majority of the Web pages will be rebuilt, though they may still use existing material. The pages will then be turned over to their specific departments to be filled.

Walker estimates there are between 4 to 6 references to UVSC on each Web page, including graphics, logos and words. All of these must be changed to reflect the school’s new status.

Faculty e-mail addresses will be given a "" suffix by sometime next year. Internal e-mail addresses, such as the LinkMail addresses the school uses to communicate with students, were changed during fall break.

The new Web site already exists, though currently it is little more than a home page with a countdown ticker, which marks the time left until UVSC becomes a university, and links to pages at

To view progress on the school’s new Web site, visit