Minutes following the women’s soccer game Oct. 23, the crowd was left at a standstill after witnessing a car collision and a referee who rushed to the scene.

The EMT certified soccer referee heard the accident then ran to aid the two cars that collided on College Drive west of the soccer field. One car was left in the middle of the road while another drove off to the side of the road into a fence.

Todd Hyer, an EMT firefighter for the Sandy fire station found students aiding the woman who drove off the road who was found unconscious. Students attempted to pull her out of the car while Hyer said to not mover her until help came.

With no equipment or tools Hyer said it was hard to do any immediate help on her. Hyer could only comfort her and make sure that she could breathe correctly until help came.

When help arrived, the woman appeared to be conscious and breathing. She was taken to the hospital for head and neck injuries.

“Both cars had air bags deploy,” said Hyer. “The modern cars like these ones really protect the passengers well.” Hyer said the people involved in the accident were lucky.

Three other women involved in the wreck had only minor scrapes and bruises.

The cause of the accident is still unknown.