UVU welcomed a speaker whose published work concerning Sept. 11 has triggered a great deal of speculation as to the happenings of that fateful day in history.

Dr. Steven E. Jones, a former BYU professor, has taken his research dealing with the physics of the falling twin towers that comprised the former buildings of the World Trade Center. Jones’ explanation varies drastically from the official one released to the public.

Speaking on the eve of the seventh anniversary of the attacks, Jones concluded, based on his studies, that the towers simply could not fall the way they did without the aid of detonated explosives; that an intended implosion is what is more likely to have caused the towers to fall the way they fell. His theory suggests the complications of a building such as the World Trade Center collapsing while aflame.

According to a poll taken in 2006 by The New York Times/ CBS News, “53 percent of respondents think the Bush administration is hiding something, and 28 percent believe it is lying” in regards to the official story about Sept. 11. Former UVU student Jacob Conterio advocates the work, and falls into the category calling into question the Bush administration. “Dr. Jones’s work has been substantiated time and time again, most recently by the peer review process. His honest, sincere, black-and-white questions deserve answers – not ridicule. Ridicule has no depth to it, these questions do. People need to start thinking for themselves and awake out of the controlled mainstream media fairytales,” Conterio said.

The presentation has taken Jones across the country in his quest to find answers in response to his theory, hoping to change the official explanation. After seven anniversaries of Sept. 11, the official story still has not budged, yet Dr. Jones keeps up his fight for what he feels is right.