The Peace and Justice club promotes the values in its name

Courtesy of the Peace and Justice Club

Among the many academic clubs on campus, the Peace and Justice Club stands out as an inclusive group of students who share a common interest in promoting or protesting current social issues, whatever the need may be.

The club was started in the fall of 2010 with the hope of learning and sharing ideas about social justice issues that are becoming persistently more significant to the peace of our world.

“Many students find their busy schedules of school, work and personal life are deficient of affiliation with and contribution to something important, something greater than self-interest,” said Club Chair Greg Haddock.

According to Haddock, this group of students does more than just affiliate themselves with the issues, they act on the problems they see around them and seek ways to achieve peace and justice.

In light of the recent shootings at a political meet-and-greet in Tucson, Ariz., the club’s mission statement is profound.

“We believe a devotion to the values of peace and justice can transcend political differences. Our goal is to promote these values in our neighborhoods, schools and communities.”

Members of the organization consider the best course of action to be one of localized service, education and social and political action.

“The Peace and Justice Club is one of several student clubs on campus that provides opportunities for students to learn and actively participate in making the world a better place,” Haddock said.

Some of the activities planned for this semester include a hygiene item drive, a video survey project that will archive opinions within the school and community about the concepts of peace and justice, documentary film nights, participation in a community garden, attendance at legislative sessions and weekly meetings with discussions and guest lectures.

Jennifer Reynolds, a secondary advisor to the organization, created a Facebook page for the club and invites everyone “left and right, in-between and undecided,” to join them.

Learn more about the club by visiting its Facebook page or its blog,