The school has now been a university for over half a year, and with the transition has come an increase in school spirit.

Signs of an increase in school spirit are visible in many places. Student Body President, Joseph Watkins says that he is seeing an increase of attendance in school and sporting events, as well as more contribution and participation in student committees and councils.

Bookstore sales of UVU merchandise are up from last year–especially in t-shirts, hoodies and bumper stickers. More students are wearing UVU apparel around the campus and community, and more students are speaking highly of the school to those with whom they come in contact.

Jake Frahm, a Communications major, said that school spirit for him has gone through the roof, and even though he has not bought any UVU merchandise yet, he fully intends to; partly because of the change in name, and partly because he is graduating this April.

“I talk about the school more to people I know,” said Frahm. “It feels good to tell people that I go to a University.”
“I’ve become more proud of the school, and I do find myself talking it up more than before,” said Matthew Bowe, a Hospitality Management major, who commutes everyday from Murray on UTA. “I’ve gone from zero to maybe two on a scale of 1-10.”

Carrie Ann Howlett, an art and visual communications major, with a photography emphasis says that her school spirit has not increased much, mainly due to the lack of changes in her department that she was expecting.

“We still don’t have the space or the equipment we need,” said Howlett. “I like my teachers, and our program is good; that’s why I stay. It’s just the lack of space that bugs me.”

Some of the challenges that the school faces in increasing school spirit include the high amount of students who commute to school, and are therefore not as able to attend potential spirit building events. Another concern is the stigma of the school being in the shadow of BYU. However, as the school continues to define itself throughout the coming years, many feel that school spirit will continue to rise.