Training future firefighters is one of the many services offered by the School of Public Services. Jake Buntjer/UVU Review

Under the direction of Assistant Dean of the College of Technology and Computing, Dr. R. Jeffery Maxfield, a new School of Public Services has been created.

The request for this new school was presented to the Board of Regents early this year and it was approved on April 1. The School began to serve over 1,000 students this semester.

“It is the first and only place in the state where you can get the whole package in one school,” Maxfield said.

The School was funded through donations from Enid Greene Mickelsen and the Greene family.

Doors of opportunity will open to new students looking into different majors for their careers, as well as students that have already earned associate degrees in these areas and want to further their education and earn a bachelor degree, because of the new School.

Maxfield explained that it’s a “very engaged program that will give students the opportunity to do projects relevant to the careers they will pursue.”

The School will not only cater to these specific careers, but also offers bachelor degrees relevant for students looking toward FBI, government or nonprofit careers as well.

The opportunities for students, as well as for the university, are endless to advance in the Public Services field. It will also help in establishing credibility.

In addition, the School has a contract with the state of Utah to train and educate fire departments from all over the state. They will hold a regional training in September and be showcasing two new fire engines for firefighter training.

For more information about this school, contact Dr. R. Jeffery Maxfield at [email protected]