“Double your gas mileage.” Instead of paying inflated prices for gas at the pump, drivers can do just that by filling up with water, according to the claim made by a very popular website.

Water4gas.com offers customers a 183-page do-it-yourself manual that gives detailed instructions about how you can turn your car into a “water hybrid.”

Jeff S., a former UVU student, purchased the manual after he read several testimonials on the water4gas website. “I hate paying so much for gas,” he said. “I’ll try anything. I paid $97 for the instructions. Then you just print them off of your computer.”

Jeff said the instructions give a list of items that can be purchased at most hardware or automotive stores. “The project was not very easy,” he said. “It took me three days to get this installed on my car.”

The device consists of several Mason jars filled with distilled water and baking soda — several tubes and junctions connect it to the engine. The website claims that these jars will be able to create a type of hydrogen called HHO and will “double the mileage” of most cars.

Jeff tested his new “hybrid” for a week to see if he would be able to notice any difference. “It looks like it is working. The jars are really cloudy,” he said. “But I haven’t seen my mileage double. I have seen a few miles added to a tank of gas, but only a few. I should have known most things online are too good to be true.”

The Better Business Bureau warns drivers to be wary of such devices. “Before adding any fuel-saving device to your vehicle, check with your mechanic. You may end up with a voided manufacturer’s warranty and serious engine problems by adding after market devices to your engine. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has evaluated over a hundred alleged gas saving devices and found that none significantly improved gas mileage.”

Jeff is not mad about spending $97 for the manual. “It was fun to try this out as an experiment, but I probably would have had the same result from a tune up.”