Shoes have a rough life.


From when they are first removed from their boxes they spend their days as the foot’s protection during kicking, dancing, walking, playing and running. The normal occupational hazards for a pair of shoes include scuffs, creases, rips, tears, and it doesn’t end there. Generally speaking, after shoes have been a foot’s companion for enough time these hazards become more difficult to deal with and the pair of shoes is trashed.
It doesn’t have to be this way.
Shoe repair is an often underrated and inexpensive alternative to buying a new pair of shoes. Simple dos and don’ts at home will keep the life of a pair of shoes longer, nicer, and smell sweeter.
To keep creases out of shoes (simply walking will bend shoes and create a crease in the toes), investing in a shoe tree is a simple fix. Shoe trees come in different forms and will straighten out the top of the shoe while it isn’t being worn. There are individual options sold in pairs, or racks that stand alone or hang over a door. They also provide a great storage option to avoid the temptation of stacking shoes, which further disfigures shoes.
To clean shoes, usually wiping them down with a mild detergent and washcloth is sufficient. Washing machines should rarely be used and dryers should never be used. Sticking shoes in a dryer will cause the glue to unstick and the material to stretch and/or morph. In the case of washing shoes in a machine, air dry the shoes in a warm place away from direct sunlight.
To keep shoes smelling nice, wearing socks is the best option. Putting powder in shoes will end up making their insides pasty, rather than soaking up odor. In the case of stink, many stores carry a spray that can be used to rid shoes of moisture and odor.
For bigger issues, for example, heels wearing down or breaking off, there are plenty of shoe repair options around Orem and Provo. Modern Shoe Repair, on Main Street in Provo, has been in business for 70 years and does repairs for anyone from Nordstroms to the general public. Common repairs depend on the season, with flip flops being popular at the beginning of summer and boots at the beginning of winter. Women’s high heels are common year-round, with heels needing to be replaced. Shoes can be brought in when the heel has been worn down and a heel tap will be placed in the bottom to prevent any further wearing down of the shoe itself. Modern Shoe Repair also stretches shoes, polishes leather and fixes rips and soles. Depending on volume, repair will take 4-5 business days. A diagnosis is free, so there is no harm in taking a pair of shoes in to get an estimate on cost for repair and making a decision on a shoe’s worth from there.


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