It was announced earlier this year that New Line Cinema will be remaking the Nightmare on Elm Street horror film series. The “complete overhaul” of the series also means that Robert Englund will not be reprising his role as the blade wielding Freddy Krueger.

Englund has played the iconic Freddy Krueger in all seven Nightmare on Elm Street movies and in 2003’s Freddy vs Jason. The decision to recast the character was made by producers, but 61-year-old Englund agrees with them.

“I could probably don the makeup, but they would certainly need a stunt double for the action stuff,” said Englund in an interview with Bloody-Disgusting. “I’m only good for about one take; then I get kind of sore.”
Englund first portrayed Krueger 19 years ago, and he has since led the franchise to become one of the most successful in horror film history.

Producers were afraid that Englund returning as Freddy would confuse the audience into thinking that the movie was a sequel instead of a remake.

Englund has expressed his interest in seeing another actor’s interpretation of the character. He has even stated that Billy Bob Thornton would be an “excellent” choice for the role.

“I wouldn’t mind playing a cameo,” said Englund. “It would be interesting to see if I could play the dream physiatrist.”
The new Nightmare on Elm Street reboot is set for a 2010 release and is slated to be produced by Transformers director Michael Bay.