As the world changes, education needs to adapt with it. That is what the Association of American Colleges and Universities hopes to accomplish with their new program.

This university was selected to become one of the higher education institutions that will participate in General Education for a Global Century.

By participating in GEGC, the current general education will be altered in minor ways that would create major effects. Since the change will be coming while the university is still in its developing years, any alterations made to programs now will play their biggest roles in future Wolverine generations.

Outlined within the program are the set of principles that list expected changes for each of the chosen institutions. The overview can be found on the AAC&U website.

Other institutions that were selected include Carnegie Mellon University, Michigan State University, Oregon State University and College of William and Mary. They have started the process of integrating the GEGC program, which is planned to go from 2010-12, into their schools.

The Association of American Colleges and Universities hopes that by implementing this program into schools, it will create students who are prepared for life in many aspects. In a press release concerning the program, they claim that it will “prepare today’s college students to grapple with big global challenges and thrive in a globalized economy as socially responsible and engaged citizens and workers.”

Creating such a change in the university’s students will further improve our “engaged” stance on our surrounding world, which is what makes being a part of GEGC such a powerful and beneficial program for every Wolverine.

Some of the change that will be made within the program include:

  • Implement knowledge of global and interpersonal relationships
  • Structured timeline from first semester to graduation
  • Incorporate more activities (internships, study abroad programs, etc.) into general education

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