Roger Coltharp, an adjunct faculty member in the biology department, had a heart attack on Sept. 22 while playing racquetball on campus. He was transported to Timpanogos Hospital, where he died.

When Coltharp first collapsed, his friend rushed into the next racquetball court where David Shamo and Ernesto Espinosa, UVU racquetball players, were playing and asked them if they knew CPR. Shamo is certified in CPR through his work as a security officer for Novell.

“All I could think of is getting to him and starting what I had been trained to do,” said Shamo.

Shamo and Espinosa immediately started CPR. The UVU police arrived shortly along with the Orem Paramedics and took him to the hospital.

“If it weren’t for Dave Shamo and Ernesto Espinosa, the paramedics said (Coltharp) would have never even made it to the hospital before his eventual passing,” said Brian Pointelin, head coach of UVU Racquetball.

According to Pointelin, Coltharp was a pleasant man and always greeted people with a smile and never said a bad word about anyone.

“Roger is a friend of us on the racquetball court, and off,” said Shamo. “He loved the sport and was very good at it. He died playing a game he loved. God bless his family.”