On Jan. 26 many students had the opportunity to participate in the Career Fair sponsored by the Career Services and Student Employment department.

This was a great opportunity for students to mingle with representatives from major U.S. and international companies, make valuable contacts through social networking and gather information on available internships.

Amber Collins, career counselor for CSSE, points out that many employers return each year to UVU because they are so impressed with the caliber of students that attend the fair. Employers have remarked that UVU students are open, enthusiastic and genuine, a definite advantage for UVU in comparison to another nearby university.

Though no definite statistics are available, Collins estimates that an average of 30 percent of students dressed in appropriate business attire for the fair, a vast improvement from approximately 5 percent of students last year. “We are seeing definite improvements in our student body,” said Collins. With the downswing of the economy and the enforced hiring freeze that many companies are experiencing, it really pays to be competitive.

Collins feels that there is always room for improvement and that students should always be putting their best foot forward. “It is important to remember that students are representing UVU,” said Collins, “and that dress and appearance are the initial draw that future employers look for while recruiting.”

There are several hints to keep in mind that may help impress future employers at the next career fair. Make sure to dress in appropriate business attire, maintain a competitive edge by being professional in conversation with recruiters and always keep in mind that your actions reflect on UVU.

For more information on career counseling or employment advice contact CSSE, located in LC 409, at 801-863-6364 or online at www.uvu.edu/csse.