Books at the Library

Travel forward and back in time, around the globe and beyond; probe the psyches of housewives, heathens and heroes; explore universal conflicts and everyday events. Books can take us places – they are like portal keys for journeys of the mind and imagination.


On Friday, January 27 beginning at 10 a.m., Provo Library invites locals to expand their own personal libraries with books from the library’s book sale. The sale will offer thousands of books for one dollar or less, the proceeds of which will all go to support Provo Library’s special events and summer reading program.



Patrons will want to arrive early to the sale, which lasts until 7 p.m. The library’s book sales are quite popular and lines become proportionally long.


“It’s a really good thing for everyone involved,” said Courtney Lowe, Community Relations Coordinator at Provo Library.


Guests benefit from the sale in more ways than might be expected, including acquisition of good quality books sold for almost negligible prices. However, guests will also be pleased to know that the proceeds from the book sale will help fund. In a way, guests will receive double for their dollars.


Provo Library serves thousands of citizens with its programs. The library’s programs include hosting beloved authors, free community learning classes and several highly popular weekly story hours for children.


Provo Library, along with libraries in general, aid in leveling the socioeconomic playing field, Lowe explains. They grant access to books, the internet and other resources that many in the community may not have access to otherwise.


“Libraries are one of the great American institutions,” said Lowe.


Lowe herself decided to begin working for the library because she wanted to make a difference. She formerly worked for the retail industry but realized she wanted to do more with her career than turn a profit. At Provo Library, she found her opportunity to help in good causes.


Lowe explains that some of the library’s goals are to “improve the quality of life in Provo” as well as to improve and sustain “literacy in the community. The more people that come and support, the better off we all are.”


Those who would like to expand their book collection and support the local library should come to the book sale this Friday, Jan. 27, located at 550 North University Avenue in Provo. Visit for more information on the book sale and other library events and programs.