In 1920, women in the United States took their first step into politics when the passing of the Nineteenth Amendment granted them the right to vote.

Since this Amendment, women have developed the strength and expertise required to do much more than just vote — they are running for office and winning.

With the release of her new book, Dr. Susan Madsen, an associate professor of management and assistant dean of faculty in the Woodbury School of Business at Utah Valley University, dives into the details of women in politics.

“For many years, I have dedicated a major portion of my time to the study of leadership development,” said Madsen. “I have been fascinated with exploring and understanding how people, particularly women, became leaders.”

Her curiosity in both leadership and women has been the driving force in her completing her new book, “Developing Leadership: Learning from the Experiences of Women Governors.”

The book contains information from interviews that Madsen has conducted with several women governors.

“This book is about the lifetime development of leadership in ten strong, competent, and fascinating women governors in the United States,” said Madsen. “It shares their leadership development journeys through experience, stories, and insight.”

Though this book is a valuable asset to anyone’s library of progression and leadership development, it is especially directed to women.

“Not much has been published about how women developed throughout their lives to become prominent leaders,” said Madsen. “There are even fewer books that focus on women and leadership development issues within any domain, but particularly in appointed and elected political positions.”

“I am definitely interested in reading Madsen’s book,” said Rachel Draper, philosophy major at UVU. “I feel that women have just as much a place in politics as men do, and it’s just too bad that Sarah Palin is the focal point right now because she isn’t the best example.”

Madsen’s book, “Developing Leadership: Learning from the Experiences of Women Governors” was released on Friday, Oct. 10.