The 2008 presidential primary-caucus has begun. Seven states have already voted, and twenty-two are expected to vote on Feb. 5, the biggest voting day of the year for the primaries. 

Included in those twenty-two states is Utah. Voting will be happening all over the Utah Valley at designated elementary schools, jr. high schools, high schools and on campus.

Both Senator John Edwards and Mayor Rudy Giuliani dropped out of the race as of Wednesday, Jan. 30. What started off as a huge race is now dwindling, but there shouldn’t be any more delegates dropping out before the fifth. The Democratic Party started out with eight delegates and is now down to three candidates.  Mike Gravel is still in the Democratic race, but with his presence less known, the attention really only falls on Obama and Clinton.

On the Republican side, it is down to four delegates. Senator McCain is leading, while Ron Paul, still in the race, is last.

Currently, Hillary is leading the Obama vs. Clinton face-off and is expected to win much of the Democratic Party’s support. Her endorsements outside of politics include Martha Stewart, America "Ugly Betty" Ferrera, and famous rapper 50 Cent. On the other side, Hulk Hogan, Scarlett Johansson and Oprah support Obama.

For the Republicans, leading candidate McCain has Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger supporting him, while Romney has the support of the Osmonds. Mike Huckabee, of course, has the support of Chuck Norris, Texas Ranger.

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