Last week’s devotional, given by Chad Lewis, was a moment for students and faculty alike to be given the opportunity to learn something new and enjoy listening to remarks. For those who missed this devotional, students are invited to attend the next, featuring UVSC President William A. Sederburg.

Bill Sederburg is serving as the 6th president of Utah Valley State College, and has spent much of his career pursuing excellence in education. Born in Nebraska but raised in Minnesota,

President Sederburg began his academic journey by obtaining his own undergraduate degree: a bachelors from Mankato State University in Minnesota and a masters and doctorate, both in political science, from Michigan State University. He made Michigan his home for over 20 years, serving in the state Senate and in various education capacities.

As a Michigan state senator, President Sederburg tackled education issues with various state initiatives, and involved academic administrators in dialogues on statewide economic, employment and technological issues. He served as chair of the Midwest Higher Education Commission, where he worked to increase educational opportunities in the Midwestern states.
President Sederburg taught and lectured at several colleges throughout Michigan, and in 1994 he became the 16th president of Ferris State University in Big Rapids.  Under Sederburg’s leadership, Ferris State experienced a renaissance transformation within a short duration, an experience that made Sederburg an excellent choice to lead UVSC, where he took over the presidency in June 2003.

During his time at UVSC, President Sederburg’s dynamic leadership has fostered many positive moves forward, most recently the approval of the colleges transition to Utah Valley University.  He has also accomplished administrative reorganization, and instituted a planning, budget, and accountability process, including a comprehensive strategic-directions planning program. 

He has created a National Advisory Board and Community Relations Board, and received funding for the recently constructed baseball field and the currently under construction state-of-the-art library.  He has met with community, education, and political leaders to promote UVSC and forward his ideas for economic development, community engagement, and university. 

Dr. Sederburg and his wife, Joyce, a school psychologist, have two grown children, Matthew and Kari.