President Holland was invited to speak in Washington D.C. at a conference Feb. 25 titled, “At the Crossroads, Again: Mormon and Protestant Encounters”.


As part of the session “Religion and American Political Culture,” Pres. Holland emphasized the idea that despite religious and cultural differences, people can find common ground if they practice charity and good faith.



President Holland was in D.C. for fundraising and was invited to speak by Brian Birch, UVU’s Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs and member of the Foundation for Religious Diplomacy.  The session included Senator Bob Bennett and Shaun Casey, author of “Making of a Catholic President”.


Pres. Holland said that he was very impressed with the conference and the useful discussion that came from it.


Blair Van Dyke, an instructor at UVU as well as the LDS Institute, said the conference was “intellectually stimulating,” and stressed the importance of understanding through conversation.


Thanks to collaborative efforts across the university, UVU has hosted a number of religious discussions and conferences over the years and is on the forefront of interfaith dialogue.


The forthcoming Student Life and Wellness Center will include a Reflection Center. Dr. Birch said that in addition to hosting interfaith speakers and student groups, the center will be “an area set aside for meditation, prayer and reflection for students.”


Dr. Birch was also very pleased with the conference and the goal of mutually beneficial dialogue.


The event was hosted by Wesley Theological Seminary, and organized by the Foundation for Religious Diplomacy.


The conference, including Pres. Holland’s remarks, can be found at


By Josh Wartena
Staff Writer