Dec. 4 -CHILD NEGLECT – A UVU Student is credited with potentially saving the lives of three children whom were left in a vehicle, unattended, for more than a hour. The student noticed three children, ages 2, 5 and 6, in a SUV in parking lot G. The student notified UVU Police who then responded to the scene and removed the children from the locked vehicle and placed them in a warm patrol car. The outside temperature was 39 degrees and the children were left without coats. Officers were able to make contact with the father, who in turn contacted the mother. The mother came back to the vehicle and was charged with leaving children in a vehicle unattended. The children stated that they are left in the vehicle frequently by their mother. When officers asked the mother why she left her children unattended, she stated she had an audition in the Gunther Trades building.

Dec. 9 – AGENCY ASSIST – UVU Police were notified of an adult male chasing his adult girlfriend around UVU in a vehicle after she caught him cheating on her. Police located the victim with her friend near the front of campus and turned the case over to Orem Police due to the assault occurring off campus.

Dec. 12 – ASSAULT – UVU Police responded to two assaults in the Student Center that occurred within minutes of each other.