Paramedics help unknown pedestrian victim as UVU Police block traffic on College Drive early Tuesday morning. Photo by Jeff Jacobson/UVU

A pedestrian was struck by a vehicle at around 7:00 a.m. today as she was crossing College Drive near the testing center.


The unidentified student, who was walking across the road outside of any crosswalk, was taken to the hospital for minor injuries, but was said to be in stable condition. Officer Jenkins of the UVU Police Department, who was on the scene, disclosed that the victim would likely need staples in her head but that the paramedics had reported there were no broken bones or other major injuries.


Jenkins said the driver of the vehicle that allegedly struck the student, also unidentified, was travelling at “a high rate of speed.” The driver and the injured woman were not paying attention to what they were doing, according to Jenkins, but the driver was able to hit the brakes just moments before impact.


Stay tuned for more details, which will be released after further investigation by the UVU Police Department.


By Jeff Jacobsen

Asst. Life Editor