Sen. Orrin Hatch visited campus April 10 to discuss the passing of the Serve America Act. The bill amends the National and Community Service Act of 1990, expanding opportunities for service. The bipartisan bill was sponsored by Sen. Kennedy (D, MA) and co-sponsored by 18 others. Hatch stressed the importance of this bill for the Obama administration, and said its quick passing is a testament to the bipartisan nature of the bill.

Hatch mentioned the effect his LDS mission had on his life of service, saying that it was better for him than his 30-plus years in the senate. “Utah is the number one volunteer state in the country, and Provo is the number one volunteer city. Much is to be said about this community,” Hatch said.
He urged UVU students to become involved in the program as soon as possible. “It is a wonderful opportunity for you. I guarantee you’ll come out as a better person,” Hatch said.