UVSC’s recent Halloween dance on Friday, Oct. 26 was co-sponsored by ASUVSC and the Operation Smile club. The club received a cut of the event’s proceeds and raised an additional $60.40 from individual donations during the dance.

The money collected will be directly donated to Operation Smile. This non-profit organization, founded in 1982, coordinates volunteers to surgically repair childhood facial deformities in 25 countries throughout the world.

Any amount raised has a great potential within this organization, as each surgery costs only $240, according to Britnee Nguyen, the Operation Smile club president.

The club is currently in its first year at UVSC and has a membership of approximately 100. "Our main goal for this first year is getting UVSC students aware of Operation Smile," stated Nguyen.

Already, a club member is preparing to be sent abroad. This week, club Vice President Marci Hooton is departing on a medical mission to Egypt where she will photographically document the children’s progression and surgeries conducted by Operation Smile.

Hooton "will be representing UVSC Operation Smile and be able to help one-on-one with the kids receiving surgeries," expressed Nguyen.

According to Student Body President Kris Coles, the amount donated to the Operation Smile club will be a percentage of the money raised from the fast-lane offered at the Halloween dance.

"It’s not too late for students to join. It’s a great way to get involved at UVSC since we are involved on campus, in the community and with fundraising efforts for children in third-world countries," summarized Nguyen.

For additional information, contact the Operation Smile club through e-mail at [email protected]