UVU is situated in one of the most Republican states in the nation. Despite this, the school has a surprising amount of political diversity, ranging from organizations of strong Republican adherence to those who align themselves with anti-capitalists.

Many students use modern resources as well as school provided support to stay up to date with the political climate.

“One of the ways I stay up to date is by watching ‘The Daily Show’ and ‘The Colbert Report.’ I also read articles and a few blogs,” said UVU history student Trent Morairty.

This prevalent political awareness on campus is benefiting the organizations that align themselves around political parties or ideologies.

“On average our weekly meetings bring out 20-30 people,” said Chris Manor, President of the Revolutionary Student Union. “On record we have about 15 due paying members, as well as a contact list of well over 300.”

Formed in fall of 2009, the RSU is relatively young when compared to more established clubs.  The RSU has started up a YouTube channel under the name UVURSU and a Facebook group under Revolutionary Students Union, both of which are intended to invite new members to view past lectures or to contact the group.