I’ll let you in on a secret this is my first Valentine’s Day being somewhat in a relationship. I say somewhat because we have gone out, but we aren’t “together.”


There are probably dozens of men in my same shoes. The rest are probably successful in life, but for the handful of us, what are we supposed to do?


Men know that women love Valentine’s Day. Men all around the world are searching for a way to celebrate their love.


Without getting into too much detail about my relationship, just rest assured that we are still cool, but it isn’t on Facebook. I feel like that should be enough information.


What is the price range of someone that you like? I’m not going to say love, which is what this Valentine’s Day is about. That means that some of the usual suspects should be ruled out.


Roses are red, violets are blue, I know no other flowers, so chocolate for you.


That might be the best way to sum up my overall thoughts on gifts. Okay, I could go with tulips, daffodils or maybe a different color of rose.


There could also be just candy, not just chocolate. A heart-shaped box of candy is romantic, but I think that is a little too “lovey.” What about just getting her a thousand gummy bears, that’s cute… right? Right? No, seriously I don’t know. Or peach rings, it’s like getting her a ring. That could be serious.


After doing some research, I was informed that “cute” yet unpractical is the way to go. If she loves ice cream, maybe just buy her favorite flavor to eat with her roommates and a note that rhymes with the flavor. If she loves the outdoors, maybe you give her flowers and a coupon for an outdoor picnic, coupons worked for my mom so they should work here too… I hope.


Small things go a long way, I’ve recently discovered, especially if it is a budding romance. If you are creative, you’d better be extra creative. If you are smart, be extra smart. Cute, extra cute. Romantic, extra romantic and so on.


I don’t think the thought is all that counts. It’s the little extra effort that is needed for this endeavor. Make them know that you know this is an extra special day.


The extra special could include a romantic night out. I just saw a sign at a bowling alley for a Valentine’s Day night package. Despite admittedly knowing nothing about women, something tells me that a bowling night isn’t what they are going for. For a budding relationship, it might be something.


We can work on the filet mignon and a sleigh ride another year, maybe one with snow. But for now men “who are kind of in a relationship but not totally, however, there is something special in their life” of the world just take it like any other day with your like interest that is a little extra special.


By Jarom Moore
Managing Editor