As the new year rolls around, so will the Utah Transit Authority’s (UTA) new electronic fare collection system (EFC).
Starting Jan. 1, bus riders will be required to tap their card against an electronic reader when boarding and tap off when exiting a bus or train platform. The electronic reader is located at each door on all UTA buses and near the entrances of all Trax and FrontRunner platforms.

With many UVU students, faculty and staff using the UTA bus system, they will need to make sure their UVU ID cards have been activated to work as a UTA Ed Pass. When the UVU ID cards were issued this year, the new cards featured an electronic chip and antenna inside that can be activated for $5 and give access to all UTA buses, Trax and FrontRunner for a year.

Currently, showing a UVU ID is valid fare when shown to a UTA bus operator or UTA police officer. Starting in January, though, all UVU riders will be required to tap their UVU ID cards to a reader when boarding to validate the fare. Riders will also be required to tap off when exiting. This is to help UTA use this full-trip data to better evaluate and improve services.

Many buses already have the new electronic readers installed and functional in operational testing. UTA encourages UVU riders to participate in this process as beta testers by tapping their ID cards to the new readers. UVU card holders will be allowed to board regardless of how the reader responds. It is just a way for riders to try out the new system before it is enforced.

Trax or FrontRunner riders will need to tap the UVU ID card to a reader located on the platform before boarding and when exiting. Transit police officers will be carrying inspection devices when checking fares to ensure that cards were tapped prior to boarding.

The new EFC system will start accepting contactless credit, debit and bank cards for a single adult cash fare as well starting Jan. 1.

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To activate your UVU ID card, contact Campus Connection.