UVU’s new Master of Business Administration Program was unanimously approved by the Utah State Board of Regents July 17, 2009 and is scheduled to launch in fall 2010.

“There has been an incredible demand for this program,” said Scott Hammond, an associate professor of business management and assistant academic vice president in the Office of Academic Affairs. “Our faculty is ready to go and we are going to do a really good job.”

UVU has offered an executive MBA program through Utah State University for the past 15 years. Having lent their curriculum, graduation requirements, entrance tests and veteran advice throughout that period of time, USU has enabled this new independence.

“They’ve set a template for us and created the market. They have really incubated this program,” Hammond said.

USU will be accepting its last cohort of MBA students on the UVU campus this fall. The new UVU run program is expected to be quite competitive, with estimates topping 200 applicants for 40 slots.

The two offered tracks will be general management and accounting. The 40 selected students will be required to take the same core classes, but whichever track they choose will determine their specialization courses. Those pursuing a degree in accounting will be prepared to stand for the CPA exam when the time comes.

The program, which requires students to meet Friday and Saturday only, is geared toward someone already working a full time job. For selected students, this degree won’t necessarily mean a new job, it may mean securing a current job or moving up in their present company.

“But we will eventually have a day program and when that happens we’ll make some major upgrades to the curriculum of the program,” Hammond said.

The distinguishing factor within the coming UVU program will be its engaged learning project.

“This is one of the things that we are doing that is absolutely unique,” Hammond said. “We want them to practice all of the skills they’ll learn in the business program and in practicing those skills we want them to make a significant difference in the community.”

The project will be introduced to the students as they begin to pursue their degree and they will have to collectively agree on a concept. The combined 40 students will have approximately one year to complete their chosen project.

“They will have to divide and conquer. This experience will teach them to create invaluable ties within the community and give them life changing experiences.” Hammond said. “We are an engaged learning institution and this is the stamp that we are going to put on the program.”

The applications for the fall 2010 MBA Graduate Program will be available Sept. 1, 2009 and the application deadline is Feb. 15, 2010.