The growing sport of disc golf has made its official debut at UVU with the addition of a disc golf course to the campus, designed for recreational play and as a practice green. The course features 13 holes as well as a practice hole. All the holes are par-2 and range from 83 to 209 feet.

According to Bo Earls, director of UVU intramurals, the sport is gaining popularity among college students across the country, and he believes it will bring more recreational involvement to UVU. “It engages students, makes their college career more fun, and it brings people on campus who would otherwise not come to campus,” he said. “Any age can come and play any day of the week. You can come play when it’s dark if you’re not breaking the campus rules.”

The course was also designed with safety in mind. “The good thing about the course is that you’re always throwing to a hole that you can see. You’ll never have to throw a blind throw which is dangerous,” said Earls.

The sport is played like golf: the person with the lowest score wins. The goal is to have the least amount of throws from each marked tee pad to the baskets. Any variety of flying disc can be used, but disc golf Frisbees give more control to the player because of their different size and weight. Disc golf Frisbees can be rented from the UVU Outdoor Recreation Center.

Earls is planning on having Frisbee golf leagues and tournaments in the fall for students and the community. He also plans to expand the course and to sell its naming rights.

The course is located around the ponds found between the Brent Brown Ballpark and the west side of campus and is open and free to the public. To rent disc golf Frisbees, call (801) 863-7052.