Wildflower photographs needed:

Jim Harris, a biology professor at UVU, is collecting photographs of Mount Timpanogos wildflowers in order to build a Web site database.

The database will be used to plot plant distributions and correlate that data with other information like environmental factors and elevation in order to create a detailed analysis of the vegetation of Mount Timpanogos.

The database will be similar to an herbarium but will use photographs rather than actual plant specimens and will make the information available to the public.

Anyone may contribute photographs, regardless of their background or experience. All photographs featured on the site will credit the contributor and the copyright will be retained by the photographer.

Photographs must have accurate location and elevation information embedded in the file in order to be used on the site. For instructions on how to tag the photograph, to borrow GPS equipment or for further information, contact Jim Harris at (801) 863-8623 or [email protected]

McKinlay named UVU’s new associate VP of institutional advancement

Art McKinlay recently became UVU’s associate vice president of institutional advancement, joining UVU after having worked for 11 years in LDS philanthropies at BYU as well as two years serving as a director for the Ira A. and Mary Lou Fulton Family Foundation and president of America’s Freedom Foundation.
As associate vice president of institutional advancement, McKinlay will work largely in fundraising for the university, particularly in creating funds for new, much-needed buildings and student scholarships.

McKinlay has a bachelor’s degree from BYU in communications with emphasis in public relations. He currently resides in Orem, Utah with his wife, Kathy Jo. The two have four children and two grandchildren.


OHIO — WOMAN SPARED THE DEATH PENALTY AFTER CONVICTED OF MICROWAVING BABY: China Arnold, who was convicted of murdering her infant daughter with a microwave oven, was spared the death penalty by a jury. The defense had argued that Arnold was drunk when the event occurred and that there was no motive. Arnold will not receive the death penalty but is still subject to life in prison.

LOUISIANA — RESIDENTS RETURN AFTER HURRICANE GUSTAV: After a massive group of 2 million people evacuated New Orleans, residents are now returning after Hurricane Gustav came. Property and business damage estimates hover at approximately $10 billion. The hurricane caused 100 deaths, primarily in the Caribbean. This number is far short of the 1,600 deaths Hurricane Katrina left in its wake.

MICHIGAN — DETROIT MAYOR RESIGNS AFTER SEX SCANDAL: Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick agreed to resign his elected position of six years after pleading guilty to obstruction charges involving a sex and misconduct scandal. He is accused of having an affair with former staffer Christine Beatty. As part of the plea deal Kilpatrick will have to pay the city $1 million and serve jail time. City Council President Ken Cockrel Jr. will replace Kilpatrick.


THAILAND — PRIME MINISTER REFUSES TO RESIGN: Samak Sundaraavej, the Thai Prime Minister, said he would continue to defend democracy after his army refused to break up tens of thousands of demonstrators who seized government headquarters in Bangkok. A state of emergency was declared after government supporters and protestors became violent, leaving one person dead and many injured.

INDIA — RELIEF SENT TO FLOOD VICTIMS: The Indian government is sending food and equipment to an estimated 3 million people in the northeast of the country, which recently experienced heavy flooding. The flooding took place on Aug. 18 when monsoon rains caused a dam to break, unleashing the dammed water on thousands of villages. The Indian government has sent troops to conduct rescue and relief operations. It has also sent water purifying equipment and relief camps.

ISREAL — NATION MIGHT HAVE FIRST FEMALE PRIME MINISTER IN THREE DECADES: Tzipi Livni is expected to take the reigns as Israel’s prime minister. She will be the first female to take this position since Golda Meier, who became prime minister in 1969. Livni is known for being practical and straight to the point. Livni is expected to win the primaries on Sept. 17 and do well in the general election.